What Conditions Can I Help?

Back and Neck Pain
Radiating Pain/ Numbness in Leg/Sciatica, Arm, or Hand
Sports and Exercise Injuries
Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Knee, and Foot Pain
Chronic Joint Pain-Arthritis
Pregnancy-related Muscle/Joint Pain


Did you know?

  • Most insurances cover Chiropractic Care including Medicare & Worker’s comp
  • Most professional sports teams have a Chiropractor on staff
  • A Duke University study on headache pain found chiropractic treatment to be very effective for headaches.
  • The prestigious RAND Report study stated that Chiropractic is very effective treatment for lower back pain

Chiropractic Adjusting

Most treatments conclude with gentle but specific chiropractic adjusting to affected spinal and extremity joints.  
This is generally not painful and often patients have a feeling of relieve from pain after the adjustment.  

This sense of relief occurs when a well trained physician helps restore proper joint motion which had previously been lost by muscle spasm and scar tissue.


Generally, this does not fix the problem but helps facilitate the healing process.  One or two different types of therapies may be used during your treatment session.  The type of therapy/therapies suggested or used may depend on your specific problem and best care for treatment.  It may include massage, traction, ROM exercises, or muscle stimulation.

The goal of doing therapy is to help reduce pain, provide better blood circulation, increase patient ROM, or help breaking up some of the unwanted scar tissue.  This helps to support the adjustment in restoring proper joint function.

Exercise and Supplement Recommendations

To help support the positive changes that have been made during the treatment, I may recommend supportive with physician grade supplements or exercise that you may perform at home.